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The company was set up by Virginia Barstow and Hilary Birt. Virginia and Hilary have both worked for BPP Professional Education (a leading provider of professional qualifications) for many years, and have vast experience of tutoring on MRS qualifications.

Hilary Birt is course leader for The MRS Advanced Certificate and Virginia Barstow looks after The MRS Diploma. Richard Payne, our third tutor, is also one of the original tutors from BPP. All three tutors have been tutoring students for The MRS Advanced Certificate since 2004 and between them have helped hundreds of students to obtain the qualification.

BPP was the first training provider to offer distance learning for the MRS Diploma when the qualification was first established by The MRS in 2006. Virginia and Richard have been tutoring Diploma students since then and have helped many students to complete their Diploma studies successfully.

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